There are 56 referees and assistant referees who are being trained in the city of Rio de Janeiro, prior to CONMEBOL Copa América, Brazil 2019.

These trainings are aimed at the use of Video Assist Arbitration (VAR) technology and their objective is to recreate and simulate situations that prepare referees for the handling, implementation and interpretation of the moments in which VAR can be used, starting from the idea of minimizing the interruption of the rhythm and time of the game in order to ensure that the technology is a support tool that contributes to the development and quality of South American football.

Of the 56 referees and assistant referees, 46 are called for the CONMEBOL Copa América and 12 are invited to also attend this Seminar which contains theoretical and practical classes.

The Seminar includes a friendly tournament to give continuity to the trainings with the technology and the application of the modifications of the rules of the game of the IFAB, 2019/2020 and they are being conducted by Héctor Baldassi, Jorge Larrionda and Oscar Julián Ruíz, under the direction of the president of the Commission of Referees, Wilson Seneme.