“We’re looking forward to the beginning of LaLiga and we’re going to try to win everything in front of us”, he explained on Realmadrid TV.
After the third session of the week, Marco Asensio spoke on Realmadrid TV. The Whites’ forward spoke about his feelings on the return to training after his injury: “I feel very good. The first week was different as I was back training and with my teammates. My adaptation has been good, my knee is responding well and I feel very good physically”.

“It’s been a very long wait. I’ve worked a lot and above all I’ve been very patient, because to see your teammates training every day and me being in the physiotherapy room was very difficult for me. I’m now back on the pitch with my teammates and that’s what’s important. It was worth the wait”.

“We’ve been out on the pitch together for quite some time and now we’re getting back to those attack and defence situations. We can train with more people now and the intensity has gone up quite a bit. As we get closer to the competition we’ll be preparing everything better. We came here with a good physical level and we were looking forward to working together. We’ve worked well at home and it’s showing on the pitch”.

Concentrating on the league
“We’re really looking forward to the start of the league and to those matches that decide a title. We know they are life and death matches. We have to give everything in every match and we are going to try to win everything in front of us”.