Fixture: Cambuur vs PSV
Tournament: Eredivisie – 2021/22 Leg 30
Date/Time: 23:00 GMT +4  23-th April
Arena: Cambuur Stadion (Leeuwarden)

Match Preview :

Cambuur vs PSV match is going to be held on 23-th April at Cambuur Stadion (Leeuwarden)

It’s a very  interesting football match in Eredivisie.

They will  try to show us their best skills, combinations and tactics to win this match.

The table position of Cambuur is 12-th place and has 33 point.

The table position of PSV is 2-th place and has 68 point.

The favorite team is PSV, But Cambuur will try to show us their best game and take minimum one point or win.

Last Matches:

10.04.22ERE Vitesse Cambuur1 0
03.04.22ERE Cambuur Nijmegen1 2
19.03.22ERE G.A. Eagles Cambuur3 0
11.03.22ERE Cambuur Ajax2 3
06.03.22ERE Twente Cambuur1 0LAST MATCHES: PSV
17.04.22KNV PSV Ajax2 1
14.04.22ECL PSV Leicester1 2
10.04.22ERE PSV Waalwijk2 0
07.04.22ECL Leicester PSV0 0
21.08.21ERE PSV Cambuur4 1
01.05.16ERE PSV Cambuur6 2
22.09.15KNV PSV Cambuur3 2
12.09.15ERE Cambuur PSV0 6
24.01.15ERE Cambuur PSV1 2

Cambuur vs PSV – Prediction of LiveonScore:

1. PSV win.

2. over 2.5 goal