Marc-André ter Stegen interacted with his fans around the world this Sunday via a Q&A on Twitter. The German encouraged his followers to send him a number of questions the day before.

The custodian explained that his routine during confinement because of the coronavirus meant that he could “have a great time with my wife, and son Ben, enjoying and learning with him… being a father brings an indescribable happiness.” He also added, “I train every day, I prepare food because I love to cook, and I also clean the house. I talk to family members, I read, I make coffee… Coffee has become a passion for some time now and I try to get better every day. I’m not an artist yet, but I try!”

“One of the most difficult forwards? Aduriz”
His favourite movie is ‘In Search of Happiness,’ his favourite German footballer is Oliver Kahn, and one of the most difficult forwards he has faced is “Aritz Aduriz.” Regarding learning Spanish, Ter Stegen said, “I prepared before I arrived in Spain, and when I got here, I devoted as much time as possible to learning quickly, although I’m still learning.”

Regarding his team-mates, the Barça player said that “we have a lot of fun and we always laugh a lot.” As for the one who sings best, he suggested that “I’m not sure, but maybe Kevin Prince Boateng!” He also remembered the 6-1 against PSG: “It was a great night! At such times you don’t think, you just enjoy,” adding “my wish is to win everything, always.”

He went on to tell the supporters: “The support I receive from the fans is fantastic, from both the north and south goals. I am very fortunate to play so close to the fans, and the chants and noise that the north goal fans make is another incentive for me.”

“Together we can beat Covid-19”
Speaking about the other club sections he said: “I once went to a basketball game but I’ve still not been to handball. I would accept an invitation from Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas when everything is back to normal!” Finally, he recalled the start of his career: “If I were not a goalkeeper I would like to score goals. When I started playing football I did so as a forward, but I am happy with the decision I made to be a goalkeeper.”

To say goodbye, the German wanted to send an important message: “I hope you are all well and in good health. Please follow the recommendations and stay home. Together we can and will beat Covid- 19.”

Below, you can watch the “Impossible Decisions” video again that Ter Stegen faced a few weeks ago. A world without sun or without football? No internet or no music? Going to the future or the past? Don’t miss it!