Zlatan Ibrahimovic dropped a big hint he’ll return to Milan. “It’s the biggest club I ever played for and I never wanted to leave.”

“When I left Milan, it wasn’t my choice. I never wanted to leave,” Ibra told Mediaset Premium this evening.

“I love Milan and in my view it’s the biggest club I ever played for. My exit from Milan is the past and this is the future, we’ll see what happens.

“Could my future also be my past? You never know, but we’ll see in a little while and then everyone will know.”

He is out of contract with Paris Saint-Germain this summer.

“Soon you’ll know everything and all this speculation will be over. Is Saturday my last game with PSG? That depends on others, not just me.

“What I want is to play, as for where that is, we’ll see. This has been the best season of my career and I’ve given more than usual.”