The Argentine has spoken to LaLiga, explaining how he has improved his free-kicks amongst other things

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Leo Messi, in an interview for LaLiga, has talked about several things, such as being the top scorer in the history of the competition or his great free-kick success. Next, we review the highlights of the Argentine’s statements:

Top scorer in LaLiga
“I remember many times that Eto’o told me: “The day you start to score goals is going to be…” because there were many chances but I couldn’t convert them. One day I scored and then they all started to go in. Every time I go out on the pitch I am less focused on the goal and more on the game. Being the top scorer in the league is special, and is one of the most beautiful records I have.”

The free-kicks
“I started to study free-kicks more to see if the goalkeeper moves before [the ball is kicked], if he takes a step and if not how he reacts, where he places the wall… The truth is that everything is work and training, and I’ve been getting better with training.”

The family
“Now we have a life that depends a lot on the children. I finish training, I come home to eat quickly and then go to collect them from school. We already depend a lot on them.”