Messi gave an interview to Adidas’ website this week, answering questions about how he has spent the lockdown in Spain and what he expects from the return to action.

The coronavirus crisis
“Nobody expected it. I can’t even imagine the global impact that this pandemic is having.”

“It’s difficult to live and work with such uncertainty, and in such a different and exception situation as this. We were all asking ourselves when we would get back to work and to competition. For any player, maintaining concentration on the pitch is fundamental.”

Mental preparation
“There are those who think that mental strength is 40, 50, 60% of our sport. I suppose it depends on each sportsman in particular. I believe that it is very important, and that this is an aspect that is prepared more every day amongst professional athletes.”

“I’ve tried to train every day at home. However, obviously individual training is nothing like training with the group.”

“I don’t like having a rhythm of games, but it’s the new normality that we are going to live in. That’s why we have preparation before competing again.”