Rockets have yet again shown their faith in National Basketball Association star James Harden’s capability by extending his Houston contract for another two years.
There have been numerous questions troubling fans as well as critics regarding the continuation of their franchise superstar. However, Rockets have put a full stop on every doubt arising in people’s mind. On Saturday, they confirmed that Harden will continue to be their face for four more years. The contract has been extended to $118 million.

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“I’m happy to be here for four more years,” Harden told CBS Sports. “This is home for me.”
According to reports, Harden is expected to generate $26.5 million revenue in the next season. If it happens, this will be the first maximum amount which a player with his years of service would earn. The earning estimated is based on the new salary cap. The NBA star will be given a chance to play in his final year as well. Signing a contract with the Rockets will ensure the player keep on getting big opportunities of work even after he turns 30.
As far as the new salary cap is concerned, according to SB Nation, not all contracts are granted extensions. There are some exceptions where a player could get salary hike following three years of the contract. Earlier, the minimum span of service for a player to be eligible for a package hike was four years or even more.
Harden signed a contract with the Rockets in 2013 valid for five years. According to the deal, the player was yet to complete the remaining two years of the contract when another two years added to it. The latest contract renewal has added a minimum of three years instead of two for the NBA player to remain in Houston.
The NBA player expressed his desire to continue the legacy and make a mark as “The Dream”, Yao, Murph and Clyde did. Harden’s response to the contract has indicated his trust on the Rockets. “It’s just that feeling where everything feels comfortable,” ESPN Go quoted Harden as saying. “You felt loved and people want you to be here, and that feeling right there outweighs anything.”