The discovery and recovery from Covid-19, his partner’s pregnancy, and his return to the field: the Juventus defender talks about these past few weeks.

He was the first player in Serie A to test positive for Covid-19, he recovered from it together with his partner, and he has since returned to the fields of the reopened JTC, with even more strength and positive energy.

Daniele Rugani’s previous month was certainly “particular”, as he himself defined on Sky Sport’s microphones, where he spoke of the events of the last few weeks, all while taking stock of his future objectives.

“I am very well; I am in a good mood. I went through a particular “month”, but the important thing is that everything went well and I consider myself lucky. It all started with a dose of fear in hearing the news,” explains Daniele as he commented on testing positive for Covid-19.

“I was afraid of having transmitted the disease to my partner, who is pregnant. To be on the safe side, I decided to go immediately into isolation at Continassa and it was the best and most correct thing for everyone; I have to thank the Doctors for their professionalism and for their skill in reassuring us. Surely getting out of this situation has given me and my partner a great deal of strength and positive energy.”

He then touched on the resumption of football in Germany: “I watched the Bundesliga and it is strange to see the empty stadiums and the separated players on the bench, but rightly so, you have to do your best to return to the field with much security as possible, and measures must be followed for everyone’s health.

“My objective,”- explains number 24 – “is to always give my maximum contribution to the team. If we had to start again, there will be many matches close together so it will be essential to be ready to help, because we want to take home the collective objectives that we have set ourselves.”