“Maradona was a unique player, it’s sad news for the whole world”, said the coach.
Real Madrid beat Inter at the San Siro thanks to an impressive performance and Zinedine Zidane appeared to speak to the press following the game: “It was a great display. They were 3 crucial points tonight. It was a final, as ever, and the team showed great spirit from beginning to end and never let their focus drop. We deserved the 3 points, we knew how important the game was”.

“I don’t know if it was our most complete performance but they are 3 crucial points for us. Yesterday you asked me about our ability to win without Sergio and we’ve changed that today. That’s fantastic for everyone. Sergio will be thrilled for the team, and Karim too. It’s everyone’s hard work. We put on a good display, full of spirit and heart. They’re 3 crucial points for us and this is the path to follow”.

“I regret having to start with this news because we learned about it this evening and it’s incredibly sad, not just for football but for the whole world. My main memories of Maradona are from the World Cup in ’86, I was 14 years old and as you say, he was a unique player. He was the player everyone wanted to be like. Every kid wanted the chance to talk to him and I got the opportunity to tell him he was an unbelievable player and I still remember that. It’s sad news and we’re thinking of his family. May he rest in peace, that’s the most important thing”.