The reactions of the Bianconero coach and captain at the end of the Champions League outing

“We have grown a lot compared to the last performance; we haven’t score here for a while. It’s a pity we drew the match, because we had the game in our hand for a long time. We need to improve in our aggressiveness and attention. The feeling is that it is not a question of form, because if you are passive, you are passive even marking yourself. The choice of playing Cuadrado? It was expected that there would be spaces and Juan’s brilliance could come in handy. In Florence, we lost focus on the goal, which was a victory, while Fiorentina was more determined; tonight, instead, things were on display that we implement every day in training, but conceding these goals too is penalising.”

“There was a lot of pressure by Atletico in the first half. When we started moving the ball around, we created hazards and scored; but I am sorry to have conceded two goals. We need to pay more attention, because we had a great game. We cannot concede so many goals from the idle ball; with Napoli we had taken the same three points, tonight left behind two.”

“I’m happy for the goal but sad for the result: we have to prove that we are a great team, that always uses their brain. At the end of the game, I was angry because to draw after winning 2-0… I am sorry.”

“The team played a good match, and in the end tonight wasn’t a bad result. Obviously, we need to improve, working more on concentration, because it’s the details that make the difference.”