Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney invites Juventus’ Paul Pogba: ‘He has unfinished business with us’.

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As reports continue to follow one another on the 23-year-old’s impending move to the Red Devils, the English international chipped in to say he’d be delighted with the move.

“I hope he is going to want to return to United and prove he’s a top-class player,” Rooney told the Daily Mail. “If he is excited to play for us, we’ll be excited to have him back

“I’m sure he’ll feel there is unfinished business, and it would be a very big statement by the club if they can make it happen.”

While he’d be happy to play with him again, the 30-year-old feels their opponents wouldn’t enjoy going up against a player as physically powerful as Pogba.

“The bruises! He was one of those players who, when you trained against him, somehow he would just hurt you. A knee in your side, a bump into you. I don’t think he meant to do it, but it just happened.

“You didn’t even need to get into a tackle. Just go next to him and you’d find an elbow or some other sharp bit.

“So, if he comes, I’m looking forward to that again! But he had great ability, and he’s gone up a level since he left us.”