The Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics are discussing a blockbuster trade that would feature Blake Griffin and shake up the entire landscape in the NBA.
With Kevin Durant joining the already stacked Golden State Warriors roster this summer, the Los Angeles Clippers know that it is going to be even harder than before to reach the NBA Finals. That is why management is considering possible trade options to become a deeper team.
Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge has done a tremendous job in rebuilding the roster. However, he knows that he needs much more star power. Signing Al Horford away from the Atlanta Hawks was a good start, but Ainge wants even more than that.
For the past couple of seasons, the Sacramento Kings have appeared to be eternally in a reloading phase. With Rajon Rondo leaving in free agency for the Chicago Bulls and former Memphis Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger taking over for George Karl, the Kings are going to be experiencing quite a bit of change again this season.
It makes a lot of sense that the Celtics, Clippers and Kings are discussing a trade to shake things up.
According to reports, Blake Griffin is said to be on his way to the Celtics, where he would form quite the front court tandem with Horford. The two of them are versatile and talented, so opposing NBA defenses will need to figure out how to defend Boston.
Horford has long wanted to be a power forward in the NBA, but he has played the center position out of necessity. With Griffin on the roster, Horford would be forced to remain at the center position, but that appears to be less of an issue nowadays because coaches are leaning towards playing smaller lineups.
There are also reports that Rudy Gay is on the move. In this discussed trade scenario, the veteran small forward would be headed to the Clippers, where he would join up with Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. That trio alone would have trouble getting past the Warriors, but there should be more pieces being sent to Los Angeles in the deal.
No word yet on what the Kings would receive, but if they are really serious about rebuilding their roster, then the trade assets owned by the Celtics would make a lot of sense.